I planned to highlight ten maps each in month in this *Monthly Maps* series. The month of July, however, saw quite a few fabulous maps, and left me struggling to choose between them. Perhaps I will break the limit of ten maps a bit for this month.

July began with the awesome urban tweet topography maps by data visualisation scientist Nicolas Belmonte. These maps takes all the geo-tagged tweets from five cities — Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Moscow, New York, and San Francisco — and generate a three dimensional topography of these tweets with a higher contour line indicating a greater number of tweets from the place concerned. The image below is for Istanbul. Do visit the maps page to explore other cities and various thematic terrain shading, and the entire code is on GitHub too!

3d twitter topography

And Stamen came out with the *instgram for maps* – map stack. It lets you create a map by combining various basemap layers (including satellite imagery, terrain, road networks etc.), visually crafting the layers using detailed controls (e.g., masks, opacity and brightness), and to convert the final map into an image for sharing.

stamen - map stack

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